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Heist the World
Letting out the beast,
Pulling off the heist,
all to know what's best,
So the heart's not iced.
Lovingly conflicted,
So stagnant lately,
Hopelessly addicted,
Overiding innately.
Bringing opposites together,
Both random and organized,
As adaptable as a feather,
The truth's never realized.
Loving the ill world,
Unable to truly abide,
Living spiral furled,
Unknown to our pride.
Pride's the downfall many,
Never to be faced alone,
Stop feeling old at twenty,
Learn what's most unknown.
:iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 1 2
Mature content
Apocolypse :iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 0 0
Moving Day
Too much baggage on claim,
Too many things hurting my brain,
Too much worry about everything,
Too much worrying about nothing.
A new day,
A new destiny.
A new density,
A new destination.
Want to run away,
Want to keep on working harder,
But not get too stressed out,
Like the pill-ridden father.
No heart attacks for me,
No Expectations just to be,
Who I want to be is me,
To be one who can see.
Just the nature of the good,
To do all that I could,
And not just what one should,
Shouldn't have to get all crazy,
That my life becomes too hazy.
Just not up to living a lie,
Rather be true then wasting time,
Hiding, waiting, hindering today,
With a new home I'll find a way.
:iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 3 0
Mature content
Mistaken Love :iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 0 0
Ode to the Zeroes
Indisposable answers,
Cannot just be heard,
Must destroy the cancers,
To handle the absurd.
The Don’ts must get out,
Enemies from the mind.
Your brothers fear and doubt,
Shall no longer try to bind.
Risks denied by you,
The will to do and learn,
Stiffled by this narrow view,
Time to stop the churn.
Nothing mental about it,
There was nothing wrong,
Never was the most unfit,
Was meant to love and belong.
The phoenix rises high,
The will surpassed the ashes,
Never caring for how or why,
Braving all the crashes.
The gods don’t want heroes,
Not ones who save the day,
They yearn for those zeroes,
Who always want to find the way.
Not out of fear or spite,
Not to get vengence or fame.
But the will to bring the light,
So others never feel the same.
True heroes get through pain,
Knowing it may never end,
Yet even the smallest gain,
Means it was a joy to defend.
No need to hide away,
No need to fear the abyss,
True heroes show the way,
So we can all share the bliss.
:iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 2 2
Isolated Week
Trapped in a bubble,

Of personal design.

Time to let loose,

Weeks to decide.
Rejection ails all,

A dark necessity.

To follow dreams,

A light absurdity.
The grayness,

The Greatness,

Muddles all understanding.
Toying with complexities,

Whist basking in simplicities.

Is it worth it?
Realists bring the bacon,

Dreamers riding coach.

One has a map,

The other a compass.

No need to be extreme.

Superiority’s a moronic illusion.
Don’t care for the world,

Don’t care for the self.
Just want to know,

If it’s all right,

In the end.
:iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 0 6
Mature content
Great Teacher (Ode to Athena) :iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 3 20
Natural Tangents
Logs used as step ladders,

Forests are a natural wonder,

Simple tech, with simple means,

Unfortunate to plunder.
Like pirates searching for the mark,

Always hoping for that treasure trove,

It ruined the amazon and atmosphere.

While better resources laid across the cove.
Plenty of people innovating,

To make the world a better place,

Not saying we’re all garbage,

But some are ignoring this disgrace.
Nature brought us many tools,

Many ideas and many contentments,

The abuse of such basic freedoms,

Are fairly poor investments.
Is this too late to rant about?

Does this matter in the least?

Sure it’s better then before,

Still so hard to tame that beast.
Be it greed, be it gluttony,

Be it envy or the lust to deceive.

It’s usually because we’re misguided,

We give, but only want to receive.
Nothing wrong with that,

We all want something in r
:iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 1 4
Early Chills
November brings an early chill,
A prelude of holiday sleet,
The Buffalo are snowed in still,
Dreams and fears were bound to meet.
Family's huddle towards the glow,
Children hope to mold the snow.
Dissatisfied with shoddy flakes
Forced to shovel till the back aches.
Wonder to be taken away,
Snow angels rarely appear,
Soon there will be a day,
Where none lay around the sphere.
Doomed with it,
Doomed without it,
Winter shall soon be grieved,
Either way everyone's peeved.
The magic is still a sight so rare,
Why worry if roads are hazardous,
Practicing acts to not even care,
Is even more dangerous.
Sure the winds will blow,
So just go with the flow,
Hoping for some change.
Snow shouldn't die of old age.
:iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 0 5
Mature content
Musings :iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 2 4
Simple truths
Good times come in small ways
Even when we bitch while counting the days,
Life is full of mysteries we have yet to unearth,
It takes a long time even after our birth.
It takes more then one hand to build a culture,
Without which we scavenge like vultures.
Each life is different yet yearns for the same,
To love, to work, to get out and play.
Conflict is inevitable with such novelty,
Some try to force it away with consistency.
All we can do is plant the seeds.
Those who find balance will be a rare breed.
:iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 2 9
Disrespecting the ancestors,
Not feeling their pain,
Geneology in conflict,
European and native sways.
A party of settlers,
A coven of plainsman,
One lived with the world,
The other greedily took,
Generosity mixed with selfishness.
Want to help the world,
Want to help the self,
Want to balance it all,
Paradoxal impossibility.
Don't feel thier plight,
Enjoy a peaceful existence,
The guilt makes it meaningless,
Feelings of worthlessness.
Overreactions in the making,
Grateful all the same,
Despite knowing the worst,
Will still enjoy everything,
Or at least pretend to.
:iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 3 10
Astral Ideals
Rereading the past,
Editing out negativity,
Still filled with doubt,
Still love my enginuity.
Traveling through the stratosphere,
While laying in the back yard,
Nature is a good relaxer,
Never too bored.
Astral ideals to live by,
Gods and goddesses do exist,
Within each of you,
The mind shall persist.
Loving life's mysteries,
Even those most frustrating,
Offer a challenge most fun,
It's why we keep existing.
Knowledge comes sparingly,
Either you grow fast or slow,
Handicaps don't determine,
What you need to know.
:iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 1 7
Home improvements
Opening the blinds,
To new locations.
West coast nostalgia,
Tinged with new possibilities.
Rothschild is nice,
Countrysides have their perks,
Cities keep things close by,
Yet Seeing the hills of trees,
Brings astral beauty to life.
The fall of fears,
Old homes stagnate,
Novel homes bloom,
Winter shall bear fruits,
For the mind.
Turtling towards enlightenment,
Romance shall come soon,
Hobbies bring patience,
The heart opens up.
:iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 0 56
Happy accidents
Disservice to the soul
Barking on my patience
Relaxation is hard
For the lazy.
Your no different,
Calulator minds,
Wasting my time.
Riding the waves,
Don't care for the weather.
Questions run deep,
Cores rarely exposed,
New home in the Autumn,
Summer was better,
Even if nothing was getting done.
Time lords are lucky bastards,
They can make a new life each time.
We only get one.
For all we know that is.
Absurdity is permanent,
Till we evolve.
Still waters run deep,
Towards a pool of pointlessness,
A fun ride at least,
Don't let the laws bring you down.
We all live our dreams in the end.
Some get nightmares,
For them I dread,
That they find thier happy ending too.
Even though, I'm just a fool.
:iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 2 0
Lost in Translation
Wasting everyone's time
With over-active tears,
Over unreal dreams,
Stuck in a box,
Of disappointment.
Want to spend time with friend,
Who brings good herb,
New locations,
New Problems,
Wish the map was readable,
Illiterate towards the world.
Messages spoken in various tongues,
Only the family can understand.
So lost in translation,
Skipping from conclusion to conclusion,
Never was good at keeping track,
Of the everyday.
Is this world meant for people like us?
Get so caught up in fantasies,
Forgetting that there are rules,
That keep them in our head.
This mind is flawed,
Always despairing,
Over common aliments,
That everyone else is immune to.
Shouldn't phase anyone,
Shouldn't hurt anyone,
Shouldn't be so sensitive.
Shouldn't be so childish.
Shouldn't be so depressing.
Shouldn't be so incompetent.
Is there a world for people like me?
Where dreams become reality,
Where everyone's a winner,
Where the pain is gone,
Where the madness is cured.
Delusional thinking,
Mad Ramblings,
That's all
:iconhermitassasin:HermitAssasin 5 6


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An Overdue Tag
I know this was supposed to be done a long time ago but I didn’t have time to do it until now so sorry!! D:
I got tagged by :iconGaidenlight: and :iconXxRika93xX:
You have to post these rules:
1.- Each PERSON has to share 13 things about them
2.-ANSWER the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
3.-CHOOSE 13 people
4.- You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
5.- You can't say that you don't do tags.
6. - Tag-backs are ALLOWED
7.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.
8. - You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.
9. - Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.
10. - Cussing is ALLOWED.
13 More Facts About Me
1. I wear glasses when I drive
2. I like playing Minecraft, Harvest Moon, & Sims
3. I was blind and color blind when I was 8 years old.  
4. I can
:iconangel-rki:Angel-Rki 1 1
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A thing of beauty as well as fear. My friend, your piece brings chills in ways I find most admirable. Who is the specter which holds th...


To all the people who remember me.... I sorry i haven't been on much... I'll be honest I have given up on writing and stuff... and I have been on hietus even after all the moving and how this all started out.... I am sorry... for not coming on or being your friends more. Can I still come back... and do art again?


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Through your donations, i hope to gain not only premium status, but also to expand my experiences as an artist. I won't charge much either. For 5 points alone, I'll do a poetry challenge for all the people who donate. The more points, the more complex it will be.

I also do tarot readings free of charge, but you can donate if you feel like it. It's up to you.

You must note all your requests, as well as reasons too why your asking me to do it in the first place. Because honestly, few care for my work, it would be strange if someone I had no awareness off asked for the request without a good reason.

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While going online I went to thank ::YoungShadowWolf:: for faving one of the poetic odes I did not too long ago, and came across this Pokemon tag, where you basically look over some questions, go to a random Pokemon sprite generator like, and paste the image and your reaction to it, while I won't be using the same questions as the one's she posted, I will go by the same rules, and see what comes up.

1. Most likely to play video games with me:

Doubt he could pick up a controller with those hands, but hey, maybe he uses his beak as a ds stylus. :XD:

2. Most likely to steal my shit:

I knew that woolly hair hid deception, if only I realized it after he took my wallet.

3. A good best friend:

A samurai Otter who can crush a-holes either with razor sharp shells or tidal waves.... Yeah, best friend forever, especially considering water starters are my fave.

4. Best source of areal transportation for me:

Hey, that beak is basically a first-class seat, then again I don't know how big Pelliper is to begin with, but just imagine if he was big enough to hold you in that thing, it would be like traveling inside monsto but in the sky. :meow:

5. Biggest douche in the universe:

Once it get's that super fairy move, I can understand why. XD

6. My ideal woman in Pokemon form (not counting baby or first evolutions because pedophilia is douchy):

... Really RG?? Well I suppose the extra hands would be a plus XD (may I remind everyone this is not to be taken super seriously, and that I am not condoning poke-philia either, I mean I get why some people like it, but you know, it's a niche interest some people just find.... Yeah I think I should shut up about this now) :B

Will probably update and post more questions and responses later in the future. I suggest those who read this give it a shot when they have to time, or even post suggestions on what the next question should be.


Manic-depressive Douche
United States
I guess to start things off, I have asperger's syndrome, a form of autism that hinder's my interactions with society in general. Other then that my dream is to hopefully become a freelance writer and poet, and while I have yet to go to college or university to better refine my talents, I hope to eventually become good enough that my work reaches out for all sorts of people out there. While I doubt I have any talent, and my work is still only done by impulses rather then me actually working on them, I hope that while I am still here on DeviantArt, I will not only meet great people, but hopefully befriend and let their experiences help better improve my own. Feel free to note and comment me anytime you want.

Favourite genre of music: Anything that doesn't suck
Favourite photographer: any
Favourite style of art: Modernism, anime, Classical, anchient, abstract, independent
MP3 player of choice: I pod touch
Shell of choice: Interdimensional Demi-god
Favourite cartoon character: So many to choose from
Personal Quote: No matter how bad the past the future is better


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