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I Have No Idea by ThaIssing

A thing of beauty as well as fear. My friend, your piece brings chills in ways I find most admirable. Who is the specter which holds th...


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(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
Great Teacher of intelligence,

Wisdom knows no restrictions,

Justly stating cosmic facts,

Truths as strange as fictions.

Acolytes cherish this awareness,

Information ceases to dwindle,

A savant with many offerings,

To help this mind rekindle.

Complexities plague the student,

She’s willing to simplify.

Wrongs that come from ignorance,

She plans to rectify.

Tutoring such flighty souls,

Helping mortals as her kin,

Disregarding such willful aid,

The most depressing sin.

She soars above the darkness,
Protection through objectivity,
All the while cherishing,
The ways of humanity.

Praise for the owl’s wit,

Praise for being so kind,

Praise for never giving up,

On improving the human mind.
Great Teacher (Ode to Athena)
Well it’s the holiday season, and being pagan for so long and seeing how it’s helped to better my understanding of the world and become more confident in myself, I decided to do some poems to praise my pantheon as a holiday gift of sorts, I have some Short haiku’s for the main 12 (and Hecate), these are just more personal odes I decided to attach with them, to show how much I care for their help and assistance. Because let’s face it, a haiku can only tell so much. Though I do plan on posting those here later in a collection post. Hopefully I am doing them justice. Just incase I will keep fine-tuning it till the poem feels right.
Guess who got himself a tumblr :la:…
The only social network worth looking up in my opinion. XD
Logs used as step ladders,

Forests are a natural wonder,

Simple tech, with simple means,

Unfortunate to plunder.

Like pirates searching for the mark,

Always hoping for that treasure trove,

It ruined the amazon and atmosphere.

While better resources laid across the cove.

Plenty of people innovating,

To make the world a better place,

Not saying we’re all garbage,

But some are ignoring this disgrace.

Nature brought us many tools,

Many ideas and many contentments,

The abuse of such basic freedoms,

Are fairly poor investments.

Is this too late to rant about?

Does this matter in the least?

Sure it’s better then before,

Still so hard to tame that beast.

Be it greed, be it gluttony,

Be it envy or the lust to deceive.

It’s usually because we’re misguided,

We give, but only want to receive.

Nothing wrong with that,

We all want something in return,

Some want to do so with little effort,

Others work hard for what they earn.

Which category do you fall under?

Do you think these words ring true?

Only speaking about observations,

The rest falls upon you.
Natural Tangents
Just something i thought off the top my head. I wouldn’t call myself an activist, just someone who hopes that the wonders and experiences we have today can be enjoyed by the future generation, that’s all.
November brings an early chill,
A prelude of holiday sleet,
The Buffalo are snowed in still,
Dreams and fears were bound to meet.

Family's huddle towards the glow,
Children hope to mold the snow.
Dissatisfied with shoddy flakes
Forced to shovel till the back aches.

Wonder to be taken away,
Snow angels rarely appear,
Soon there will be a day,
Where none lay around the sphere.

Doomed with it,
Doomed without it,
Winter shall soon be grieved,
Either way everyone's peeved.

The magic is still a sight so rare,
Why worry if roads are hazardous,
Practicing acts to not even care,
Is even more dangerous.

Sure the winds will blow,
So just go with the flow,
Hoping for some change.
Snow shouldn't die of old age.
Early Chills
Decided since I was getting myself out there again, might as well keep the work flowing everyday I can feel like it. Was hoping with snow being in my new home in Wisconsin it would be a blessing. A mixed bag, but appreciate it all the same. 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Hard work and dedication,
Constraining emotions block information.
Searching for meaning in the meaningless,
Yearning for light despite necessary darkness.

The everyday just needs to be done,
Not all things are meant to be fun,
Still it is needed to grow,
The highest high needs the lowest low.

Most people know about true suffering,
Others are lucky to even be texting,
When will understanding reach us,
Is it wrong to make such a fuss?

No longer depressed but very conflicted,
Still feel like the soul's been evicted,
The surface concerns matter more,
Feel like an attention whore.

This balance is hard to grasp,
People can't help but gasp,
At the inhumanity of our imperfections,
Still refusing to take evasive actions.

It isn't that hopeless but it's still shitty.
Even the smartest of people are not that witty.
Lacking tact, lacking integrity,
Lacking love, lacking ingenuity.

Acceptance matters but there's so much more,
Ideas within the mind we must explore.
Details are just as blinding,
Open minds are constantly searching.

Everyone is unaware,
Yet those who are willing to dare,
Will be the one's to find a way,
Cannot wait until that day.
Just something that I made to vent out my frustrations. Not that I am doing bad or anything, but the point behind my poems is usually to get my mind off them crap thoughts like this. If it's a good poem then that's even better.


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Through your donations, i hope to gain not only premium status, but also to expand my experiences as an artist. I won't charge much either. For 5 points alone, I'll do a poetry challenge for all the people who donate. The more points, the more complex it will be.

I also do tarot readings free of charge, but you can donate if you feel like it. It's up to you.

You must note all your requests, as well as reasons too why your asking me to do it in the first place. Because honestly, few care for my work, it would be strange if someone I had no awareness off asked for the request without a good reason.

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About Me

1. Have High-functioning Autism (AS to be exact)
2. Will be 21 in July
3. Still looking for love, despite hiding in my home :sleep:
4. Making friends with everyone I come across.
5. Spends alone time online, playing games, watching vids, looking up interesting stories.
6. Hope to become a freelance writer who will travel the world.
7. Believes that all faiths are one in the same in the end so why fight?
8. League of Legends summoner's name is JasonNero
9. Loves all forms of anime and comics (the naughty one's especially :meow: )
10. Hope I am on the right track in life

Her Questions

What is your favorite Pokemon, if you like or know what Pokemon is? 
Diglett - Especially this one - 
What is your favorite game?
The Megami Tensei series comes to mind, that and mega man.
Do you like things sweet or sour? 
Both are good if eaten moderately enough
What do you like about life? 
The beauty of nature and technology, and the people who live here :meow:
What is your favorite memory? 
Too many good one's to chose from
Do you have any dislikes about anything?
Just toxic and ungrateful people like the one's you see in League sometimes. Such tools. 
If you could live in outter space or anywhere you would like, where would it be? 
Any universe where I can meet lovely ladies more easily who love me for me. :rose:
What fantasy/mythical creature would you want to be?
Had a vision with the Thunderbird. In some myths that makes me the sacred clown who specializes in nonsense and satire.... Yep fit's me just right XD
Imagine what you want me to be?
Just someone who can make people happy and to have fun times with no matter what. :) 
Do you like the outdoors or indoors and why?
While I prefer the inside for the internet and games I get to play, but lately I have been going out more, doing open mikes, meditations with friends, just traveling all around as good for me.

To the readers
If you wish to join in on this, feel free to join in, I don't have any questions of my own, so feel free to either use my friend's questions, or make your own. Don't forget the 10 facts about you though. Hope this was fun. :meow:
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Manic-depressive Douche
United States
I guess to start things off, I have asperger's syndrome, a form of autism that hinder's my interactions with society in general. Other then that my dream is to hopefully become a freelance writer and poet, and while I have yet to go to college or university to better refine my talents, I hope to eventually become good enough that my work reaches out for all sorts of people out there. While I doubt I have any talent, and my work is still only done by impulses rather then me actually working on them, I hope that while I am still here on DeviantArt, I will not only meet great people, but hopefully befriend and let their experiences help better improve my own. Feel free to note and comment me anytime you want.

Favourite genre of music: Anything that doesn't suck
Favourite photographer: any
Favourite style of art: Modernism, anime, Classical, anchient, abstract, independent
MP3 player of choice: I pod touch
Shell of choice: Interdimensional Demi-god
Favourite cartoon character: So many to choose from
Personal Quote: No matter how bad the past the future is better

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